Cyworld Heechul

most thankful to..

contacting immediately after getting 1st place our kibumie
even though we have this and that misunderstanding but all that misunderstandings are but banquet's appetizer dishes*..

and afterall..

beautiful petals.. ELF.. undead.. hee-gyo
saying with an expression that'll rather awkward..
even though we exist so you were created.. you exist so we exist..

really really lovely..

no idea what's so bright that the eyes are dazzledㅋㅋ nam dongsaeng.. 9 brothers
i'm feeling regretful for not being able to perform Gee during broadcast.. cough..ㅋㅋ
for always treating (you guys) like nam dongsaeng i'm sorry but ㅋㅋ darlings!!

all in all
thank you very much^-^

the expression's indeed.. really beautiful

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