The KARA member who is most greedy for lines is..

Han Seung Yeon! Not a Surprise, surprise!

Among the KARA members, Han Seung Yeon was chosen as #1 most greedy for lines.

Recently on "KBS2TV Star Golden Bell", KARA's leader Park Gyuri recalled an incident when they took first place at Music Bank, which made everyone laugh.

At that time, both Han Seung Yeon and I shed a lot of tears. Because of this, Nicole took our place to express our happiness and gratitude. When Han Seung Yeon saw this, she yelled, "Hand over the mic!"

On a side note, Nicole Jung was picked as "the member who is the most embarrassing to be around." Goo Hara spoke up and said, "She never looks where she's going." She also went on to reveal a time when Nicole almost fell at Music Bank.

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