The Wonder Girls are not “Nobody” in Vancouver!

The Wonder Girls have uploaded a video of their second performance in Vancouver, Canada, and let me tell you, these girls will definitely no longer be "Nobody" in that area - Many people in the crowd seemed to enjoy the girls' performance and even joined in with the dance! I'm sure all those teenagers in the audience went home right after and googled, "The Wonder Girls." It won't be long till the 'Nobody Fever' hits America..

Check out their performance of "Nobody"! Unfortunately, for time management, the girls only performed "Nobody", instead of both "Nobody" and "Tell Me" like they did in their performance in Portland.

The Wonder Girls looking glamorous backstage.
Wonder Girls in Vancouver

Yoobin is lookin' Mm..mm..good!
Wonder Girls in Vancouver

Ahn Sohee posing with her huge head.
Wonder Girls in Vancouver

Thanks to wonderfulsworld.com for the photos!

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Sori is Throwing a “Disco Party”!

Sori, the sexy newbie artist who debuted in February with "Real Lips", is making her comeback in July! With her fresh digital single titled "Disco Party", Sori is planning to make a comeback with a retro concept. The retro album jacket photo of the single, which was revealed yesterday, is grabbing the attention of many netizens.

A representative revealed, "The filming for the music video is done," and that, "Sori has been practicing the choreography."

Sori Disco Party

The representative continued, "Sori's concept this time around is from the '70s-'80s and will have a roller skating rink as the background for a retro feel."

On a side note, Sori's digital single "Disco Party" will be released on July 13th.

With so many chicks around these days, it's hard to say whether she will be given any attention or not, but one thing's for sure - She'll need much more than just a pretty face if she wants to get far in the industry. She'll need skills if she wants to get anywhere, and by skills, I mean those in the bedroom. She better start now if she ever wants to catch up with the others!

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Full version of 2NE1’s I don’t care

We bought you the 1 minute teaser of 2NE1's new title song, I don't care from their 1st mini album this morning. Now have a listen to the full version of the song which was released by YG Entertainment at 2pm to combat the song from being leaked. The song is about a girl breaking up with her loathsome boyfriend and was joint produced by Teddy and Kush (Stony Skunk) for a reggae summer carribean feel. It's a vast difference from the strong beat of their previous hit song, Fire. 2NE1 will also be showing fans more of their feminine side through I don't care.

What are your thoughts now? Hit or flop? Awesomeness for me and the clapping.

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Preview of 2NE1’s I don’t care

After Lollipop and Fire, 2NE1 will be coming back with another new song, I don't care to keep up the momentum. YG Entertainment has released a short 1 minute teaser today ahead of the full song release and their mini-album release on 1st and 8th July respectively. It feels really different from the strong beat of Fire but somehow I don't care has that extra something that draws you in. That summer Caribbean feel.

Are you loving it? Never really liked Fire but I don't care is winning me over.

Park Bom


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Kim Jong Kook is Lookin’ Good

Clothing brand GOOGIMS recently had a photo session with the han namja himself, Kim Jong Kook. The theme for the shoot? Why, none other than his youthful and strong appeal on the popular show, "Family Outing." Rapper Eun Ji Won graced last year's GOOGIMS spread and the company had stated that they had chosen these two to be their exclusive models due to their appeal in visual entertainment and the joy they provide the consumers. Alright, enough chit-chat, here's your eye candy!

Kim Jong Kook is Lookin' Good Kim Jong Kook is Lookin' Good Kim Jong Kook is Lookin' Good Kim Jong Kook is Lookin' Good

Kim Jong Kook is Lookin' Good Kim Jong Kook is Lookin' Good Kim Jong Kook is Lookin' Good Kim Jong Kook is Lookin' Good

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Kim Jung Hoon in the Army or in “Cafe Seoul”?

Just prior to enlisting in the army, former UN member and Princess Hours star Kim Jung Hoon had wrapped up the filming for "Café Seoul" (카페 서울). This movie is another Korean-Japanese production directed by Take Masaharu who also filmed Boy Meets Pusan in 2007. The movie leads a story about three brothers who lost their parents in a car accident and lived their own separate lives thereafter. They own an old bakery which is threatened to close down, soon where they discover old memories full of love. Kim Jung Hoon plays a role as one of the brothers along with Kim Dong Wook who starred in Coffee Prince, and Choi Sung Min who starred in Big Sister, Saving My Wife.

Kim Jung Hoon had bad experiences while filming past movies in which he mentioned that he got hurt while filming the scenes dealing with gangsters - thus why he chose to take part in Café Seoul. It was a refreshing character for him, where he got to be comical and funny.

The movie will be released in Japan on July 18th and then later screened at the Pusan International Film Festival this year. Kim Jung Hoon will be serving in the military for the next two years but for now, enjoy him in Café Seoul.

Here's the trailer kindly English subbed:

and just a couple of pictures:

Kim Jung Hoon in the Army or Cafe Seoul?

Kim Jung Hoon in the Army or Cafe Seoul?

Kim Jung Hoon in the Army or Cafe Seoul?

source: kbs global
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Big Bang releases Gara Gara Go MV

Big Bang just released the music video for their upcoming Japanese single "Gara Gara Go".

It's a very uptempo dance club music, and the music video is pretty cool with various lights in the background. It sounds pretty awesome and it should be a hit in Japan. Gara Gara Go will officially be released on July 8th, 2009.

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Happy 300th day to 2PM!

On the 30th, fans celebrated 2PM's 300th day after debut by printing out an advertisement in the newspaper.

The 2PM fans titled their ad on this daily newspaper,

"Congratulations on 2PM's 300th day!"

Also included in the ad was an eye-catching photo of 2PM members Junsu, Jaebeom, Wooyoung, Chansung, Junho, Taecyeon, and Nichkhun smiling / laughing. The seven fan girls included sweet and encouraging messages for each of the seven 2PM members. Happy 300th day to them and may this only be the beginning of good things to come!

2PM's 300th day

*My one and only superstar, Jaebeom oppa! I will always cheer for you
*Junsu oppa~ I will always pray for you,
*Khun Khun Khun! No words needed, sexy Khunee, you're my angel^^
*Sexy Taecyeon oppa! I will always be on oppa's side ^.^
*The coolest in the world Jang Wooyoung~ Always fighting!!
*The one who gets into my heart lump of charm, Lee Junho best ^0^
*Walking statue Chansung oppa yah~ Always stay strong!!

We'll always be together,
No matter what, we'll always cheer you on

2NE1 Shows Off New Pictures

New photos of the 4 members of 2NE1 have been released. We can’t be sure what the new photos are for, but many think that it is for their upcoming comeback.

The clothes they're wearing looks like they could fit their “Fire” concept but it seems the unique clothing sense they had during their “Fire” activities has been tweaked down slightly. Anyways, the girls are looking great and I just realized how cute Minzy looks.

Check out the photos below.

Leader CL.

Leader CL

Park Bom.

Park Bom









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Kim Bum and Kim So Eun are really SoEul Mates?

The crazy Korean netizens are at it again and this time they have a pleasant surprise for everyone who have been supporting the Kim Bum and Kim So Eun couple. "Soeul Mates" comes from the names of the characters So Yi Jung (Kim Bum) and Chu Ga Eul (Kim So Eun) in the popular KBS2TV drama Boys Over Flowers.

So what did netizens find that might lead to the speculation of the two dating?

Netizens have found that the two are wearing the same ring, also known as the oh-so-popular couple ring. But a misconception is the fact that So Eun wears her ring on her index finger while Kim Bum’s is on his ring finger. Not only that but they both wear it on different hands, too. I mean the rings do look pretty similar but Kim Bum's picture of his ring is still too small to say the rings are the same. Maybe So Eun was trying to avoid rumors but Kim Bum didn’t care about stupid rumors. I don’t know but I hope the two are dating because I love me some Soeul. Check out the pics below.

SoEul Mates

SoEul Mates

SoEul Mates

SoEul Mates

So what do you think? Are they together?

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Preview of Ariel Lin’s MV featuring Suju Siwon and Donghae

After all of the hush hush shooting in Taiwan, fans are finally getting a preview of Ariel Lin's latest MV featuring Super Junior members DongHae and Siwon. The song sounds sweet and all, but I think most fans are looking forward to seeing how their boys' acting skills are doing. And even if the acting ends up being fail, at least they're looking quite cute.

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Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo is training the “2nd Shinhwa?”

Shinhwa member / solo artist and Minnovator, Lee Min Woo, recently made a bold announcement that he is in the process of training a Kpop group that he hopes will be the “2nd Shinhwa.”

Min Woo stated that he’s training a group of new singers that are under his management agency M Rising Entertainment with the intention of having them be the 2nd Shinhwa. He went on to say that most of the new groups in the Korean music industry today seem to be the same in many ways which makes it difficult to be a successful group in the Kpop scene. As a result, in relation to the group he’s training, Min Woo said it’s extremely imperative to find and accentuate the group’s unique musical abilities in order to set them apart from the other Kpop groups in the industry.

Min Woo hopes to instill the same work ethic and camaraderie that Shinhwa has into the group he’s training. Min Woo said that all of the members of Shinhwa would always give back double the amount of whatever they received from another member. This act of solidarity between the Shinhwa members therefore infused confidence in each other’s performing capabilities.

Lee Min Woo didn’t give any details on what the “2nd Shinhwa” group’s name is or when they will debut but he did say that their first single has already been chosen.

Lee Min Woo has his work cut out for him given that Shinhwa is one of the most popular groups in Kpop history. The members of Shinhwa were, and to an extent still are, not only successful in the music industry but in the entertainment industry as a whole, appearing in countless variety shows, K-dramas, etc. Min Woo’s obviously trying to start the hype machine for this new group he’s grooming a little early. His audacious announcement might also be a symptom of his little-man syndrome. And wasn't he supposed to go the army? Either way, I say good luck Min Woo because you damn well will need it.

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Big Bang Gets Digital for Sudden Attack

The moment has finally arrived! Earlier, we gave you a sneak peak, but now the game developers have released images of what Big Bang is going to look like in the game! Love goes to mybigbang for the images!


And in case that's not enough for you, here's some footage of the boys doing a little promoting for their new game.

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I gotta hand it to the designers. They did a really great job of capturing the boys! I couldn't recognize Seungri at first though. And as for the voice overs, I can't believe the Engrish. That's enough for you to be screaming "HEADSHOT!" all day long. Their characters will soon become available for gamers.

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TVXQ is Number 10 for the first half of 2009

Oricon recently released their mid year album sales ranking for 2009 and TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki did better than most expected. “The Secret Code” came in at number 10 with a sales figure of 248,000 for the first half of 2009. This placed them above popular artists such as KAT-TUN who had 237,000 sales for "Break the Records -by you & for you-" and Utada who had 228,000 sales for "This is The One." BoA who released a combo "Best Album and American Debut album" was ranked 25th with a sales figure of 131,000.

Here are the Top 10 sales figures:
1. Mr Children - "Supermarket Fantasy" (1.2 million)
2. Exile - "Exile Ballad Best" (807k)
3. Dreams Come True - "Do Your Dreams come true?" (632k)
4. Reiorome - "Remio Best" (471k)
5. Ikimono-Gakari - "My Song Your Song" (404k)
6. Koda Kumi - "Trick" (385k)
7. Ayumi - "Next Level" (363k)
8. RADWIMPS - "Arutokorni no Teiri" (314k)
9. Unicorn - "Shamble" (250k)
10. TVXQ / Tohoshinki - "The Secret Code" (248k)

Some of you enjoyed TVXQ's Stand By You scans a few days ago and now you can enjoy the video for the off-shoot:

This is good news for TVXQ and they should be even more excited with their Tokyo Dome concert just a few days away.

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Jung Il Woo joining Yoon Eun Hye for Lady Castle

Some might have be a little disappointed with Yoon Sang Hyun joining Lady Castle, which will be Yoon Eun Hye's comeback drama in 2 years. Fret not, for it was announced just this afternoon in Korea that Jung Il Woo, last seen in The Return of Iljimae earlier this year, could be joining Lady Castle to offer more eye candy for the girls.

According to Lee Kim Productions, they are now in advanced talks with Jung Il Woo's management, Star K Entertainment and the possibility of him joining is very high. Once it's confirmed, filming for Lady Castle would then begin in mid July.

Lady Castle is a romantic comedy that sees a guy become a housekeeper and has an eye on the rich family’s hidden slush fund. He develops a love triangle with the family's 3 daughters, 1 of which is played by Yoon Eun Hye. Jung Il Woo is likely to be involved in a love triangle with Yoon Sang Hyun and Yoon Eun Hye if everything goes well.

Yoon Sang Hyun joining Yoon Eun Hye on Lady Castle

Lady Castle is currently set for a 19th August premiere on KBS2TV, taking over the spot vacated by Partners in the Wed-Thus timeslot. Competing dramas in the same timeslot are SBS's Swallow the Sun and MBC's horror drama, Soul.

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Making of 4minute Hot Issue music video

You might have already seen their music video and performances, now Cube Entertainment has revealed a short 2 minute clip of how the Hot Issue music video was filmed with 4minute. But how do I put it, it's like a making of the MV with Hyun Ah since it's mostly her, and she shows us 1 of her feet which was swollen from dancing around in high heels for over 30 hours of filming. But she didn't let this put her down as she finished the filming professionally in pain.

This making of was pretty much ineffective since it showed too little.

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Kim So Eun drops Fourth Period Murder Mystery

Kim So Eun seems to be following the lead of fellow Boys Before Flowers alumni, Kim Bum, as it was announced today that she was dropping out of the movie production of Fourth Period Murder Mystery, co-starring Yoo Seung Ho. Kim Bum had earlier dropped out of the movie production of 71 in favour of SBS drama, Dream and another movie, Flight because of scheduling conflicts.

The real-time high school thriller, Fourth Period Murder Mystery was announced in May with Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Eun as the main leads, while director Shin Dong Yup (100 Days with Mr. Arrogant) directed. 60 - 80% of the filming had already been completed and the movie was set for a July release. But the filming schedule has now been turned upside down, with director Shin Dong Yup leaving the production (presumably due to a lack of funding) and everything will have to be redone.

Kim So Eun with director Shin Dong Yup and Yoo Seung Ho

It was impossible for Kim So Eun to start from scratch again and redo her scenes since it will definitely clash with the filming schedule of her drama, The Man Who Can't Marry which is currently airing on KBS2TV. And faced with the dilemma of being unable to handle both and having to give up on 1, Kim So Eun's side decided on the drama.

According to one of the staff from the movie producution, "Kim So Eun has withdrawn from the movie filming, newbie actress Kang Sora will take over her role. There are no issues between N.O.A. Entertainment and the movie production company over Kim So Eun's withdrawal." There goes Kim So Eun's lead role in a movie and her hard work.

BTS from past filming sessions.

Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Eun in Fourth Period Murder Mystery

Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Eun in Fourth Period Murder Mystery

Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Eun in Fourth Period Murder Mystery

Kim So Eun in Fourth Period Murder Mystery

Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Eun in Fourth Period Murder Mystery

Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Eun in Fourth Period Murder Mystery

Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Eun in Fourth Period Murder Mystery

I feel sorry for Yoo Seung Ho, getting dumped by Kim Bum first in 71 and now Kim So Eun for Fourth Period Murder Mystery. Pure coincidence or simply destiny?

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