Big Bang’s promo pic for ‘Sudden Attack’ video game

Big Bang’s promo picture for ‘Sudden Attack,’ one of the most popular online FPS (First Person Shooter) video games in Korea, was just released.

Big Bang is not only endorsing ‘Sudden Attack’ but appearing in it as well. All five members of Big Bang will have their own character in the online FPS, which they each did voice overs for. Big Bang recorded over 80 lines of dialogue and sound effects for their characters in the game. They also improvised a few lines during their voice over recording session so all the member’s personalities and characteristics will be incorporated into each one of their ‘Sudden Attack’ characters.

The developers of ‘Sudden Attack’ hope to have Big Bang’s characters available for online gamers no later than next fall.

I have to admit that almost all of the members of Big Bang actually managed to pull off the badass look in the photo. TOP is holding his gun correctly (for once), Taeyang and Seungri both have that solider style stoic look, and Daesung successfully dropped that goofy, happy-go-lucky expression he always has on his face and he looks like he’s ready to bust a cap. However, once again G-Dragon tries too hard to be different from the rest and ends up looking awkward. For some reason he decided to pull his patented “I’m going to try to eat my face” look, which he’s shown many times before. Oh well, four out of five isn’t bad.


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