SHINee’s Onew Gets Clotheslined… Literally

Onew, leader of sparkling SM quintet SHINee, is famous among fans for his "Onew Condition" ("Onew Sangtae" in Korean). Whether he's walking off stage in the wrong direction, biting it on Star King, or spouting out random noises on radio shows, Onew seems to have this combination of clumsy and dorky that gives him his trademark condition.

While this condition sometimes leads to unfortunate accidents, it can also lead to hilarity, as seen in SHINee's recent High-Five fan event. At 1:20 in the video, Onew is confidently striding towards the fans, when he gets clotheslined by - you guessed it - a clothesline.

SHINee's Onew Gets Clotheslined... Literally

Oh Onew. That's not even the lone example of the Onew Condition in that clip, as observant fans have noticed his multiple failure at properly high-fiving the fan at 0:20. The video also features Minho punking Jonghyun with the classic high-five whiff, only for Jonghyun to turn around and trick maknae Taemin with the same move. Taemin's reaction to his hyung's deception is priceless in its high dose of deadpan.

Another Onew-related video has recently popped up on the web, depicting the leader in his predebut days at SM Academy:

While you can definitely tell that the giggly, chubby-cheeked teen in the video is Onew, the guy has definitely shed that baby fat, as we can see in recent radio show pictures:

Hot Onew
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Could SHINee's dorky leader be transforming into... a hottie? Not without some bicep curls, but who knows? SHINee, known as Korea's dongsaengs, may be starting to grow up.

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