Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo is training the “2nd Shinhwa?”

Shinhwa member / solo artist and Minnovator, Lee Min Woo, recently made a bold announcement that he is in the process of training a Kpop group that he hopes will be the “2nd Shinhwa.”

Min Woo stated that he’s training a group of new singers that are under his management agency M Rising Entertainment with the intention of having them be the 2nd Shinhwa. He went on to say that most of the new groups in the Korean music industry today seem to be the same in many ways which makes it difficult to be a successful group in the Kpop scene. As a result, in relation to the group he’s training, Min Woo said it’s extremely imperative to find and accentuate the group’s unique musical abilities in order to set them apart from the other Kpop groups in the industry.

Min Woo hopes to instill the same work ethic and camaraderie that Shinhwa has into the group he’s training. Min Woo said that all of the members of Shinhwa would always give back double the amount of whatever they received from another member. This act of solidarity between the Shinhwa members therefore infused confidence in each other’s performing capabilities.

Lee Min Woo didn’t give any details on what the “2nd Shinhwa” group’s name is or when they will debut but he did say that their first single has already been chosen.

Lee Min Woo has his work cut out for him given that Shinhwa is one of the most popular groups in Kpop history. The members of Shinhwa were, and to an extent still are, not only successful in the music industry but in the entertainment industry as a whole, appearing in countless variety shows, K-dramas, etc. Min Woo’s obviously trying to start the hype machine for this new group he’s grooming a little early. His audacious announcement might also be a symptom of his little-man syndrome. And wasn't he supposed to go the army? Either way, I say good luck Min Woo because you damn well will need it.

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