Big Bang’s “My Heaven” Event Canceled Due to V.I.P. Overflow

Apparently, you can be too popular, as Big Bang found out at the first fan-event celebrating their debut Japanese single "My Heaven". The event was located at the Tokyo Odaiba's Venus Port Church square, which has a capacity of 400 people. But, due to the massive hype surrounding Big Bang's Japanese endeavors, an estimated 2,000 fans showed up to the event, rushing past security to get as close to the onomatopoeia five as possible. The overwhelming crush of the crowd caused the stage managers to cancel the event after only five minutes, in which Big Bang could only perform "My Heaven".

Here's a Japanese news report of the whole debacle,

Big Bang's
Big Bang's

It's fortunate that no crushing occurred, but did Big Bang's promoters really think only 400 people were going to come see the group's first fan-event for their first Japanese single? If 2,000 fans showed up for this, who knows how much commotion there will be over the 10,000 seats for their Tokyo Dome event. Good to see that the boys are popular in Japan though, and hopefully their Japanese journey will continue with similar, but more controlled fervor.

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