2PM to Release Thailand Album

Leading the 'Thailand Hallyu (Korean Wave),' hot boy group 2PM will release their first Thailand official album.

2PM's first single 'Hottest time of the day' as well as new single '2:00PM Time for Change' will be included in this 2-CD and Music Video DVD bonus special packaged '2PM Thailand Special Edition.'

2PM's official album will include the music videos of their ongoing hits "10점 만점에 10점 (10 Out of 10)" and "Again & Again", which have both reached No.1 on Thailand's MTV Channel V Chart in the past.

2PM in Thailand during 10 Out of 10 Promotions

Regarding the release of their Thailand album, 2PM expressed, "As we are very happy and excited to release an overseas album, the fact that we have reached the No.1 spot on Thailand chart three times is even a deeper feeling," and that, "We are looking forward to closely meeting the fans who have showed 2PM love through our Thailand promotional tour in July."

Since their "10 Out of 10" days, I have always believed that this group has what it takes to make it big. With their never-ending charisma and genuine personalities, they will only become bigger and better. Maybe JYP will even bring them over to America soon! But for now, there are only hopes and whole lot of fingers crossed.

However, as much as I am delighted to see the boys broadening their opportunities, I am worried that they will become too caught up in other countries and eventually become MIA in Korea, as DBSK / TVXQ / Tohoshinki have.

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