2PM On Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate

2PM was recently featured on Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate where the boys performed three songs and were also interviewed. They kicked off the show with covers of Keisha Cole's "Love" and Bi / Rain's "Instead of Saying Goodbye".


"Instead of Saying Goodbye"

After the first two acts, Kim Jung Eun came in and held an interview with the boys. Check it out:

During the interview, they played a game where they each had to come up with a 10-syllable phrase that described themselves. They all answered and explained afterwards why they chose their phrases:

Nichkhun: "I am Nichkhun the wink vending machine."
He further explains, "On Yashi Man Man 2, Ho Dong always tells me to wink." After explaining this, Kim Jung Eun asks Nichkhun to show her the wink to which Taecyeon comments that it will cost 500 won.

Taecyeon: "The beastly husband, Ok Taecyeon"
He explains, "Everybody used to call me Ok Daddy.."

Junho: "I am charming smile Junho"
Jung Eun comments that Junho has smiling eyes.

Jaebeom: "Singing rapper and B-Boy"

Wooyoung: "Fat cheeked Wooyoung He~ He~"
He explained, "I lost some fat but I used to have fat cheeks," and recalled an incident, "A fan wrote me a letter saying, 'Because Noona has fat cheeks too, come to me.'"

Junsu: "Shall I seduce you with my song"

Chansung: "Eatinator, Youngest on top, Chan."
He explains, "Khun gave me the name, which is derived from Terminator, because I eat a lot. I once ate 5 bunches of bananas."

They then finished off the night with their hit song "Again and Again".

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