The Lee Seung Gi effect

The Lee Seung Gi effect is firmly in place, claims the Korean media, after both of his variety show KBS2TV Happy Sunday 1N2D and SBS weekend drama Shining Inheritance (lead role) went over the 40% mark this past Sunday. According to TNS Media Korea, 1N2D achieved a peak rating of 43.3% on the 28th while Shining Inheritance's peak rating was 40.6% on the same day. The average rating of 1N2D was 33.9% while Shining Inheritance got a 39.9% average, meaning that nearly 1/2 of Korea's population were tuned in to watching Lee Seung Gi's shows on their tv.

Lee Seung Gi has had a decent singing career with his ballads although that is now clearly taking a backseat while he is involved with drama and variety. Lee Seung Gi had already won the hearts of many with his secondary role in Famous Princesses back in 2006, especially ahjumma fans, who recognized him even now when he is on the streets with 1N2D. It seems like whatever Lee Seung Gi does, it's bound to be a sure winner and that rubs off on everyone who are involved in the same production with him.

Shining Inheritance


Of course, we can't directly imply that Lee Seung Gi should be the only one credited with the high ratings, since it's a team effort, but it's also not wrong to say that Lee Seung Gi has had an impact in one way or another. Seung Gi's the only 1 involved in both 1N2D and Shining Inheritance, and his wholesome image has most likely endeared him to fans of all ages, from young children to high school students and the ahjummas in Korea. I mean more than 40% of the entire Korean population have seen Lee Seung Gi on tv over the weekend, surely his stock has risen even further after this.

Advertisers will definitely take note of this.

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