Sori is Throwing a “Disco Party”!

Sori, the sexy newbie artist who debuted in February with "Real Lips", is making her comeback in July! With her fresh digital single titled "Disco Party", Sori is planning to make a comeback with a retro concept. The retro album jacket photo of the single, which was revealed yesterday, is grabbing the attention of many netizens.

A representative revealed, "The filming for the music video is done," and that, "Sori has been practicing the choreography."

Sori Disco Party

The representative continued, "Sori's concept this time around is from the '70s-'80s and will have a roller skating rink as the background for a retro feel."

On a side note, Sori's digital single "Disco Party" will be released on July 13th.

With so many chicks around these days, it's hard to say whether she will be given any attention or not, but one thing's for sure - She'll need much more than just a pretty face if she wants to get far in the industry. She'll need skills if she wants to get anywhere, and by skills, I mean those in the bedroom. She better start now if she ever wants to catch up with the others!

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