A SHINee showdown at 2PM!

Although this video was released a few weeks ago, we are bringing it to you now with English subs, thanks to Madam2PMsubs!

MBC Magazine1 compared two popular gems of K-pop, idol boy groups SHINee and 2PM, who both debuted last year. You can clearly see the differences, and maybe even some similarities, between the two groups in this comparison video below.

The video gets a bit more interesting near the end, as the Vogue Girl's editor shares that the boys of SHINee always show their polite side, while the boys of 2PM fool around a lot and enjoy themselves. While the 2PM boys could be a bit more professional, these uptight SHINee boys need learn to let loose once in a while.. honestly, after watching them, I have a sudden urge to go streak and run with the wild...

Hmm.. so basically the poll is between the feminine SHINee and the masculine 2PM. Take your pick

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Kim Sun Ah to quit as actress?

No, but she recently revealed that there was a time in her life when she seriously considered quitting her job as an actress.

During the recording of KBS 2TV Entertainment Relay, actress and model Kim Sun Ah revealed, "Whenever I finished one of my works (dramas), I would feel so empty afterwards," and that, "When I didn't have work, I felt like a scarecrow, which made me want to quit acting."

Kim Sun Ah

Being that Kim Sun Ah is actually my favorite actress, thank goodness she didn't make the rash decision to quit!

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Yoona and Nichkhun In Love

Nichkhun (2PM) and Yoona (SNSD) are in love - on the most recent episode of Star King that is. I guess Hyun Ah and Jaebeom were not the only ones that got together!

The little musical was based around the "Water Screen Show" which is basically water falling from ceiling, making all different types of shapes and even writing. Watch it, and you'll see what I mean. This Water Screen Musical titled "Love in the Rain" shows two young (very young) kids falling in love in the rain. They perform SNSD's "Gee" and Tiffany's "By Myself", and you actually see the lyrics falling down behind them!

Now, let's skip to the important part! Basically, the boy leaves to study abroad and leaves the poor girl in the rain. 10 years later though, the girl appears as SNSD's Yoona, and the boy appears as 2PM's Nichkhun! Nichkhun enters through the falling heart and reunites with his love, Yoona. Kang Ho Dong, the MC, does not let this chance go, because he interrogates Nichkhun about how he feels towards Yoona. He simply replies by saying, "GOOD!"

Musical starts at 3:36

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Girls’ Generation does Dancing Queen

Not the most energetic rendition of ABBA's classic hit song "Dancing Queen," but the vocals were spot on as usual. And besides, it's Girls' Generation, who are looking finer than ever, so I'm not complaining! Actually I do have one complaint, Yuri needs some more camera time.

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Lee Dong Gun postpones enlistment again

After deferring once in May and scheduled for enlistment in July, it was revealed today that Lee Dong Gun will once again be delaying his duty to serve his nation.

The revised date for Lee Dong Gun (29) to begin serving his nation was 26th July but he had applied earlier to defer his enlistment for a year because of health reasons and has already been approved by the military recently. This will be his second deferment in the year where he was required to enlist to serve his mandatory military service.

With his enlistment being delayed for another year, there's a high chance that Lee Dong Gun would be appearing in either a drama or movie before his next call-up. He is also scheduled to have a meet the fans sesson on 20th July in Korea.

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2PM in Ceci Magazine

It's 2PM Ceci Sexy Time!

Although Ceci magazine celebrated their 15th year anniversary with SNSD / Girls' Generation, what's a party without some sausages? For this August edition, the boys showed off their overflowing dorky side as well as their sexy and masculine side.

2PM Ceci

There are seven boys in this pic, yet my eyes are only seeing Chansung.
2PM Ceci

And for the last picture, .........O_O
2PM Ceci

Calm down, don't get too excited now.
G-Dragon excited

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Park Eun Young has a crush on 2PM’s Nichkhun

On the July 17th episode of KBS 2TV 여유만만, announcer Park Eun Young announced to the world that she has a crush on barely legal 2PM member Nichkhun and wouldn't hesitate to accept if Nichkhun asked to be his girlfriend.

Park Eun Young, who was appointed MC for KBS Music Bank earlier this year, confessed that "if Nichkhun asked her to date him, I would immediately accept." Another announcer, Jeon Hyun Moo poked some fun and added, "If Nichkhun asked announcer Park Eun Young to marry him, she'd probably say yes right away."

Park Eun Young

Park Eun Young continued, "Even though Nichkhun is young, during Music Bank, the way he dances and sings is so sexy."

When asked on what she feels about age range in dating, Park Eun Young stated, "My parents are 9 years apart, so I think up to 7 years is possible."

I've never understood the whole concept of publicly announcing your love for another celebrity. Not only does it sound like a desperate love call, it's practically asking for a one night stand! But if that's Park Eun Young she was aiming for, she might get lucky, as Nichkhun has expressed, more than once, his interest for older women.

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Most wanted star to go on summer vacation with is..

On an online survey done by Bugs from July 6th to the 13th, netizens voted SNSD / Girls' Generation's maknae Seohyun as the No.1 "star most wanted to go on summer vacation with", gathering almost 50% of the total 4130 votes casted.

To be exact, Seohyun garnered 46.83% (1934 votes), or which, in other words, means that half the voters were byunts. The runner up for this poll was Super Junior's leader Lee Teuk, not too far behind, with 31.07% (1283 votes). Third place was given to Korea's Thailand sweetie, 2PM member Nichkhun, with 13.44% (555 votes).

The remainder of the votes went to 6-year old Wang Suk Hyun (NOONA PEDOPHILES!!!), actress Shin Min Ah, and Lee Yo Won, respectively.

This is quite a random group of celebrities, from the ages ranging from 6 to almost 30! But then again, who knows how the minds of these netizens work..

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Rain vs. Minwoo?

With their similar appreciation for the urban hip-hop dance style, fashion, producing / scouting talent, rumored romances to diva Lee Hyori, and attention-grasping performances. Many people would like to believe that former Shinhwa member, Lee Minwoo, and world star Rain / Bi are rivals in their craft. However, the two have cleared up this rival nonsense, stating that they're actually close friends.

The two acknowledge the successes and accomplishments both have achieved and throughout the years, developed a senior-junior relationship. Minwoo revealed that at times, whenever Rain starts feeling the heat for being the "world star" that he is, he would often encourage him. Rain would often share and state his appreciation to his sunbae saying, “Hyung when I see you, it’s like seeing Yang Hyun Suk hyung or Park Jin Young hyung. And he encourages me to become the best producer there is. Soon he will be trying his hand at being a producer too, and I hope we can both make use of our experience to become good producers.”

As always, it's nice to see two stars in their own right encouraging one another in their careers. Both have contributed quite a lot to the kpop community and deserve all the recognition they get. But, who do you think rocks it better?

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SHINee’s New Nanas’B CF

After heating up noonas panties everywhere, SHINee continues to please with their latest CF for nanas'B BB Cream. Noona fans would have been satisfied with just a simple new CF, but the boys up the ante with a new song and new choreography! Rapper Minho even drops the beats for a second and sings a sweet melody.

The CF was pretty strange. Seemed like an animated comic book, but hey whatever sells, I suppose. The next "episode" ad will come out next month. Much love to randy19973 for the CF and behind the scenes video.

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SNSD’s 2nd Miero CF

Girls' Generation filmed their 2nd CF for Miero health drink which sees them dressed up in all sorts of different outfits, showing their cute and bubbly charisma. And as a tie-in with their new mini-album promotion, they are using Tell Me Your Wish as the background music. The CF is yet to be released but you can view the BTS clip which gives you a glimpse of what the CF would be like anyway.

SNSD's 2nd Miero CF

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Wonder Girls to make an appearance on The Wendy Williams show

The Wonder Girls will make an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show on Monday July 20th. There isn't any confirmation on this but many people have sent in tips that they saw the Wonder Girls on commercials and also Wendy Williams herself talking about The Wonder Girls on today's (July 17th) episode. According to the tips, she said something to the effect of "Wait till you hear them." From my understanding, I believe they'll have a performance but I don't know if they'll be doing an interview session.

The Wendy Williams Show first had a trial run on local Fox TV Stations in the New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Detroit markets. The show has been recently picked up by BET and can now be seen in more than 95% of the households in the United States. This is wonderful for the Wonder Girls, it's good to see them on mainstream TV. Thanks to all of you who sent in tips.

Update with Link See Monday on Wendy: “Late Night” host, Jimmy Fallon, plus “Wonder Girls” perform

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2NE1 Emerges Victorious on Music Bank

So the stage was set. Now don't get me wrong - I love Lee Seung Gi (who finished in third place), but this week's Music Bank was definitely all about the epic girl-group duel involving 2NE1's "I Don't Care" and SNSD's "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)". This time, the YG four defeated the SM nine by the slimmest of margins, 12013 to 11881. It only makes sense that 2NE1 won this week, as this is their first week on the K-Charts for "I Don't Care", so of course their track is currently hotter than "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)", which came out a while ago, and peaked at 17995 friggin' points last week. Anyway, have fun comparing & criticizing & praising & defending, everyone, and congratulations to 2NE1 on their victory!

Here's the victory/encore:

and their "I Don't Care" performance (both videos courtesy of CodeMonmonSeason2)

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Kim Bum for High Cut

The anti-less man (...is that possible?), Kim Bum, features in the upcoming issue of High Cut magazine, following in the footsteps of fellow hunk-a-lunks Rain, 2PM, and Boys Over Flowers co-stars Lee Minho & Kim Hyun Joong. Enjoy.

Kim Bum for High Cut

Kim Bum for High Cut
The wink, though charming, looks rather painful. Ease up on those eye muscles, KB.
Kim Bum for High Cut

Kim Bum for High Cut

Kim Bum for High Cut

Kim Bum for High Cut

Kim Bum for High Cut

Kim Bum for High Cut
From cute...
Kim Bum for High Cut
to hot.
Kim Bum for High Cut

Versatility, a smile that could melt Stonehenge, skinship scenes with Kim So Eun... this 1989-er has it all.

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Han Hyo Joo denies she’s in love

Han Hyo Joo has finally clarified the rumor of her being in a relationship with Kang Do Han today. She expressed that they were only good friends and were not dating at all.

Han Hyo Joo said in an interview that she got to know Kang Do Han through acquaintances four months ago. They could relate with each other very well because they were both in the acting field. Hyo Joo herself also often confides in Kang Do Han whenever she gets frustrated during her work. But it's only a oppa-dongsaeng relationship and the thought of going steady with Do Han has never once crossed Hyo Joo's mind.

As for the delay in clarifying the rumor, Hyo Joo said that because of her busy schedule (filming for Shining Inheritance), she could only do it today and apologized to her fans for making them worried.

Hyo Joo also expressed her worry that this scandal with Kang Do Han might affect their friendship and also create a negative impact on her drama, Shining Inheritance. She said, "I believe that this rumor will make people take even more notice of my performance in the drama. In order to thank everyone for their concern and not let the production crew down, I will work even harder for the final 4 episodes."

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2NE1’s Minzy drops out of high school

2NE1's maknae member, Minzy (Gong Minji) has revealed recently that she has now dropped out of high school and will be focusing all of her energies on her 2NE1 activities.

As the maknae member of 2NE1 and just only 15 years old, the natural route for Minzy would be to continue with a high school education after graduating from middle school. But Minzy has decided to drop out of high school and concentrate fully on 2NE1 activities. This was a decision taken by Minzy after thinking it over many times. Although she has given up on high school, she will still be studying offline and will be registering for the qualification examinations in August for her high school diploma.

Minzy drops out of high school

This is probably a trend with YG Entertainment artistes as Big Bang members, Daesung and Seung Ri also went along the same route, dropping out of high school and then clearing their examinations successfully last year and this year respectively.

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Shinee’s Onew is a coward and Taemin is in danger of being raped?

In a recent interview, a very interesting question was posed. Is Shinee's Onew a coward? The question was mostly based on the KBS light stand incident, in which Onew fainted when the fixture suddenly fell off the wall. Well, Onew's answer is simply... no. Just no, and a smart looking man wearing glasses even confirmed Onew's answer.

Perhaps what's even more interesting is that a second smart looking man commented on Taemin's feminine features. Taemin is apparently prettier than a girl, and to prove it they showed pedestrians a picture of Taemin dressed as a girl along with 5 other girls, and asked the passerby which one is the prettiest. A man unfortunately picked Taemin as the prettiest without knowing he just picked a guy.

What we've learned from this interview is that Onew is not a coward, and that Taemin is in danger of being raped by noonas AND hyungs. I guess being beautiful isn't always easy.

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Son Dambi and After School forms project group

It was revealed today by Pledis Entertainment through a picture that Son Dambi and After School have been secretly preparing for the launch of a new project group.

The picture shows the 7 as fierce mature ladies in black. After School has been solely focused on this project group after ending their Diva mini-album promotions while Son Dambi has been putting in double duty, having to work late nights with After School while filming for her debut drama, Dream">>Dream. More details about this project group will be revealed on 16th July through Pledis Entertainment official website.

Son Dambi and After School forms project group

Stills of Son Dambi filming for Dream which will debut on 27th July via SBS.

Son Dambi on Dream

Son Dambi on Dream

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Child Actress, Han Ye Rin In the Heat Again

On July 7th of 2008, Han Ye Rin was caught physically abusing two classmates with the help of seven of her own posse for three hours. Han Ye Rin was only 14 years old, and she is well-known for her minor roles in popular dramas like New Heart, Seven Princesses, and Hello God, as well as roles in various movies. The reason of the physical abuse? Han Ye Rin shortened her school skirt and was afraid of getting caught, so she borrowed the skirt from one of the girls and never returned it. The owner of the skirt told the monitor, and Han Ye Rin and her short-temper garnered her friends and beat the girl up. Now, that was last year's story.

Nearly a year after the first incident, Han Ye Rin's name is all over the news again due to a comment left on her mini-hompi by her "friend". The "friend" wrote an introduction of Han Ye Rin, and what the list contained stirred up quite a commotion.

Here's the copy of the list.

Han Ye Rin's misdeeds

"Name of the person
- Han Ye Rin

My Nicknames for the friend
- Ye Rin-ah. Han Ye Rin, Ya (hey you)

What She Likes
- Money and cigarettes

Does she talk about her problems/worries? If so, what are they about?
- Yes, about Uhm XX (the name is the girl who told on her), her side-job, school problems etc.

Three Secrets about the friend
1. She acts really smart but once you know her, she's really stupid
2. She often dazes off
3. She never takes her lenses off. Even when she runs away from home, she doesn't take them off whether she is sleeping or washing.

What is usually the subject of your conversations?
- Uhm XX, and the principal

Your Friend's Habits
- When she sits, she automatically smokes

Your Friend's Commonly Used Phrase
- Oh Uhm XX that f*cker/bitch"

After this comment was spread throughout the internet and the news, Han Ye Rin shut her mini-hompi down due to malicious comments from netizens (which is totally understandable). The netizens are very upset that this young actress did not learn her lesson. She did not speak publicly about the issue yet.

Remember guys, she is only 15 this year! Smoking? Running away from home? Cussing? You would have thought she learned after the first incident. It seems she will now have to say goodbye to her acting career because no one in the right mind would want to cast this young actress with such a dirty background.

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Japanese fans want Jaejoong as their lover

Well get in line girls, because so does everyone else!

Yesterday, TVXQ's own Kim Jaejoong was voted into CDTV's "Top 10 Artists You Want As Your Lover" list! He made the #3 spot and it's cool to say that he was the only Korean on the list. Though I might disagree in saying that our Yunnie should have been on there too.

Here's the rest of the list:

1. KATTUN – Akanishi Jin
2. KATTUN – Kamenashi Kazuya
3. Tohoshinki – Kim Jaejoong
4. News – Yamashita Tomohisa
5. EXILE – Takahiro
6. Kinki-Kids – Domoto Koichi
7. Arashi – Jun Matsumoto
8. L’Arc-en-Ciel – Hyde
9. Yusuke
10. Arashi – Ninomiya Kazunari

video credit: dbskXfly

Do YOU think Jaejoong deserved the #3 spot?

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Mnet’s Superstar K teaser

The 30 second teaser for Mnet’s Superstar K was just released and since the lovely Lee Hyori will be a judge on the show, you know I’ll be watching it.

Superstar K is basically Korea’s version of American Idol with Korea’s queen of sexy Lee Hyori, ex-Boohwal vocalist Lee Seung Chul, and Korea’s Tina Turner In Sooni as judges. Korean music industry veterans such as Hyori's fellow Family Outing family member Yoon Jong Shin, and funny man Gil of the hip hop duo Leessang plus others will be judging on various episodes of Superstar K as well. Over 70,000 people auditioned for Superstar K, the largest amount of people to ever participate in an audition in Korea, and auditions took place in major cities all over South Korea including but not limited to Incheon, Daegu, Busan, and of course Seoul. Mnet’s Superstar K will begin airing on the 24th of July, naturally on Mnet.

Mnet’s Superstar K teaser

YouTube credit: Barbie1r

Mnet Superstar K

Mnet Superstar K

Mnet Superstar K

Mnet Superstar K

Damn… all those lucky people get the chance to see my dream girl Lee Hyori in person. I still have hope that maybe one day I’ll get the opportunity to see and possibly meet Hyori. I’ve in fact prepared my own LEE HYORI CHANCE ENCOUNTER KIT if such an occasion should happen. I need to check it too and make sure it’s fully stocked with the proper materials:
Six bottles of soju, check…
Bedroom mix CD, check…
Condoms? How did these get in here? I better take these out now because I definitely won’t need or use them if I happen to meet Hyori.
Blindfold, check…
Ball gag, check…
Rope and handcuffs, check…
Stun gun, check…
Duct tape, check…
It looks like everything I need is here in my kit. I know what you’re thinking too, and no my plan isn’t to kidnap Hyori and hold her against her will if I do get the opportunity to meet her. Those supplies are actually for Hyori to use on me. Yeah, I’m Hyorish like that. My intuition tells me that Hyori is a closet super freak as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a super hot dominatrix outfit in her bag or car, or both, at all times just in case a situation calls for it. I already thought up a special jingle that I think would be sweet music to her super freak ears: “Girl, girl, yeah you go girl, tie me up and spank me you Hyorish girl.” After she hears that, I know she would want to go to the nearest love motel right away and get down and dirty. If my intuition about Hyori being a closet super freak is wrong, then I’d most likely get a Hyori heel right to the ballzac. Either way it’s a win, win situation for me but I’d obviously rather have Hyori affectionately, not wrathfully, kick me in the jewels in the comfort of a love motel.

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Davichi and Seeya Ditched T-ara’s Jiyeon to Form New Project Group?

In an unusual collaboration, Seeya and Davichi have both joined Hong Jin Young to perform the remix of her trot song "Love's Battery". They even wore matching outfits that were reminiscent of the outfits from the Seeya, Davichi and Jiyeon's project group. Possibly a new project group in the making? The more the merrier I say. Plus, anything with Kang Min Kyung in it is bound to be an automatic win.

Thanks WONROG2 for the video.

If you're unfamiliar with Hong Jin Young, she's a new trot singer that is rather easy on the eyes. Not interested? Well, her music video for Love's Battery includes Supernova's Sung Je & F.T. Island's Jong Hoon. Are you interested now? Still not? Well, too bad because that's all I got.

Davichi and Seeya Ditched T-ara’s Jiyeon to Form New Project Group?

6465 Views | 63 Comments

poopiness in K-Pop | 12 Jul 2009 - 11:08 AM

Davichi and Seeya Ditched T-ara's Jiyeon to Form New Project Group?
In an unusual collaboration, Seeya and Davichi have both joined Hong Jin Young to perform the remix of her trot song "Love's Battery". They even wore matching outfits that were reminiscent of the outfits from the Seeya, Davichi and Jiyeon's project group. Possibly a new project group in the making? The more the merrier I say. Plus, anything with Kang Min Kyung in it is bound to be an automatic win.

Thanks WONROG2 for the video.

If you're unfamiliar with Hong Jin Young, she's a new trot singer that is rather easy on the eyes. Not interested? Well, her music video for Love's Battery includes Supernova's Sung Je & F.T. Island's Jong Hoon. Are you interested now? Still not? Well, too bad because that's all I got.

Thanks Viviennhh for the video.

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2NE1’s 2nd “I Don’t Care” Performance

Well, a couple of days ago we said that 2NE1 would be performing once a week, but it seems we were wrong, as 2NE1 performed "I Don't Care" on this week's edition of SBS Inkigayo. Whoops.

The girls also did the customary Inkigayo comeback interview:

Kudos to CodeMonmonSeason3 for both videos

There were some considerable changes from the first performance, from the cute little intro scene to the rainbow stage. Since I don't take it upon myself to research every schedule of every idol group's affairs, I don't know when or where the YG square will be performing "I Don't Care", but whenever it's on air, you can be sure allkpop will be here to report it with flair.

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SNSD’s Triumph on SBS Inkigayo

Finishing off the seemingly inevitable Music Bank & Inkigayo mutizen double, SNSD emerged victorious on this week's edition of SBS Inkigayo with their hit single "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)".

Here's the performance, courtesy of CodeMonmonSeason3:

Appearing regal in their nutcracker-esque outfits, the nine genies did their first headmic performance of "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)" on any music show. Since the choreography looks just fine with regular handmics, I'm not sure why the Inkigayo producers decided to use headmics, since they considerably hamper the vocals - especially Taeyeon's climactic ad-libs.

Speaking of Taeyeon, the leader was visibly tearing up during the encore, which is odd only because she doesn't usually tear up so strongly during SNSD's victories. See for yourself, in this upload from CodeMonmonSeason3:

Strangely, it's hard to tell whether her tears are those of joy or those of pain. And where there's mysterious pain, there's speculation. And where there's speculation, there are netizens. "Taeyeon cried" is already the #8 search on naver as of 5:05am (EST, July 12th), barely an hour after the event. For now, I guess all we can do is sit tight and let the Internet do its thing.

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