Most wanted star to go on summer vacation with is..

On an online survey done by Bugs from July 6th to the 13th, netizens voted SNSD / Girls' Generation's maknae Seohyun as the No.1 "star most wanted to go on summer vacation with", gathering almost 50% of the total 4130 votes casted.

To be exact, Seohyun garnered 46.83% (1934 votes), or which, in other words, means that half the voters were byunts. The runner up for this poll was Super Junior's leader Lee Teuk, not too far behind, with 31.07% (1283 votes). Third place was given to Korea's Thailand sweetie, 2PM member Nichkhun, with 13.44% (555 votes).

The remainder of the votes went to 6-year old Wang Suk Hyun (NOONA PEDOPHILES!!!), actress Shin Min Ah, and Lee Yo Won, respectively.

This is quite a random group of celebrities, from the ages ranging from 6 to almost 30! But then again, who knows how the minds of these netizens work..

cr: allkpop

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