Han Hyo Joo denies she’s in love

Han Hyo Joo has finally clarified the rumor of her being in a relationship with Kang Do Han today. She expressed that they were only good friends and were not dating at all.

Han Hyo Joo said in an interview that she got to know Kang Do Han through acquaintances four months ago. They could relate with each other very well because they were both in the acting field. Hyo Joo herself also often confides in Kang Do Han whenever she gets frustrated during her work. But it's only a oppa-dongsaeng relationship and the thought of going steady with Do Han has never once crossed Hyo Joo's mind.

As for the delay in clarifying the rumor, Hyo Joo said that because of her busy schedule (filming for Shining Inheritance), she could only do it today and apologized to her fans for making them worried.

Hyo Joo also expressed her worry that this scandal with Kang Do Han might affect their friendship and also create a negative impact on her drama, Shining Inheritance. She said, "I believe that this rumor will make people take even more notice of my performance in the drama. In order to thank everyone for their concern and not let the production crew down, I will work even harder for the final 4 episodes."

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