Unmasking Kpop’s Most Expensive Face?

4minute has done countless promotional activities and televised performances, but I still do not know what the heck Jiyoon looks like. Actually, unless you are a hardcore 4minute fan, and you've somehow dug up pre-debut pictures of Jiyoon, chances are you don't know what she looks like either. Jiyoon's trademark is never taking off her shades, and she's got that shiet on lock down. 4minute's Jiyoon probably has the most expensive face out of all the kpop rookies, because seeing her without her shades is like trying to unmask batman, or rather batgirl, it's just not gonna happen.

However, all that is no more. A clip of Jiyoon dancing during her pre-debut days has surfaced, and pre-debut means pre-shades? I was so excited that I almost flipped out and drop kicked my monitor. Unfortunately, even though she's not wearing shades, her bangs served as a makeshift pair of shades by covering most of her eyes. Sneaky, just how I like it. Although her face was still mysterious, at least we got to see her dance. Jiyoon flaunted her femininity as she danced to Girlicious's "Stupid Shit". I was curious as to why she never showed her face before, but anyone that can dance like that does not need to in my book.

credits: BigBangandSHINeeFans

Just in case that video still left you unsatisfied while your partner is fast asleep, here's a picture of Jiyoon without her shades.
4minute's Jiyoon

cr: allkpop

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