Who Wore the Dress Best?

Three ladies all wore the same yellow chiffon dress to different occasions - The dress is probably most well-known for its appearance on Boys Over Flower. Do you guys remember the dress? It was the auction dress that Goo Hye Sun was forced to wear by F4. Shortly after the episode aired, Yoona of SNSD / Girls' Generation garnered attention by wearing the same dress to a music video release press conference. Adding on to that, just today, Woo Hee Jin wore the dress to her drama release press conference! This dress is designed by a very famous Korean designer, Lee Sang Bong, and I think all three ladies looked fantastic... but there's ought to be a winner, right?

So, who wore the dress best?

Woo Hee Jin - who knew an ahjumma could pull off this dress!
Woo Hee Jin

Yoona - this SNSD member brightens the room with both her yellow dress and and her smile.

Goo Hye Sun - she wore this dress in an episode of Boys Over Flower and was the first one of the three to wear it.
Goo Hye Sun

Model - the dress on the catwalk.

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