Goo Hye Sun Shows Off More of Her Talents

Goo Hye Sun's uprising fame from starring in Boys Over Flowers has allowed her to express her feelings and emotions through other forms as an artist. Acting was just the leading steps to success, but there is more to her than just being on the screen as she shows off more of her talents

Early on in April Goo Hye Sun had released her first novel, "Tango." selling over 30,000 copies and went into the seventh printing in the first week. And now she's having her very own solo exhibition, showing forty of her drawings, at Gallery La Mer, Insa-dong. Those who have read "Tango" have already been introduced to to some of her works.

Artists are often influenced inspired by other artists and for Goo Hye Sun, her role model is Leonardo Da Vinci. Her admiration for Da Vinci started when her teacher introduced her to the book, "Think Like Da Vinci." From there on she realized that she can do a lot in her life time which allowed her to muster up the confidence she has today to have this exhibition.

Goo Hye Sun spends an hour or two at her home studio everyday to create new pieces of art. Besides the artwork that's already been shown in Tango, some of her work is featured in Gummy's fourth album.

Her co-stars from Boys Over Flowers, Lee Min Ho and Kim Jun, have already showed their support for her at the opening of her exhibition. She is hoping that those who haven't already to visit and check out all her artwork. She has collaborated with the WITH campaign and decided to donate the proceeds of the exhibition to them.

Acting, writing, drawing... this artist is full of many surprise talents. What's it up next for her? Dancing? Directing?

In fact, directing has already come along for Goo Hye Sun as well. Featured in the Busan Asian Short Film Festival, she wrote and directed a short film called "The Cheerful Caretaker." She is currently working on another script for another film, this time full- length.

There is so much coming up with Goo Hye Sun... I just really don't know what to expect for next. I hope her acting career is enough to help her support the road to the rest of her dreams.

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