T-ara to debut on “Radio Star”

MNet's girl group T-ara will be making their musical debut on the variety show "Radio Star", since they seem to be too cool for just regular music shows. Since they're debuting on a variety show, this gives the girls a chance to do something other than performing and showing off their vocal prowess. In addition to their debut stage, T-ara will give viewers their inside scoop of their trainee lives, dirt on their families, and what they do for fun as regular girls. The fun just doesn't stop there. The girls also plan to reveal a teaser for their MV. So when is all this happening you ask? July 29 begins the series of debut stages for T-ara. The following Thursday, the girls will appear on MNet's M! Countdown.

At least they know when and where they're going to debut. Now I wish they could just pick a concept and give us a song.

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