Rain vs. Minwoo?

With their similar appreciation for the urban hip-hop dance style, fashion, producing / scouting talent, rumored romances to diva Lee Hyori, and attention-grasping performances. Many people would like to believe that former Shinhwa member, Lee Minwoo, and world star Rain / Bi are rivals in their craft. However, the two have cleared up this rival nonsense, stating that they're actually close friends.

The two acknowledge the successes and accomplishments both have achieved and throughout the years, developed a senior-junior relationship. Minwoo revealed that at times, whenever Rain starts feeling the heat for being the "world star" that he is, he would often encourage him. Rain would often share and state his appreciation to his sunbae saying, “Hyung when I see you, it’s like seeing Yang Hyun Suk hyung or Park Jin Young hyung. And he encourages me to become the best producer there is. Soon he will be trying his hand at being a producer too, and I hope we can both make use of our experience to become good producers.”

As always, it's nice to see two stars in their own right encouraging one another in their careers. Both have contributed quite a lot to the kpop community and deserve all the recognition they get. But, who do you think rocks it better?

cr: allkpop

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