Idol Groups Love Chicken… A lot

I realized that top idol groups are frequently doing commercials for chicken these days. You know what? I felt generous enough to garner various chicken commercials by the biggest idols groups in Korea, from Shinhwa, to the most recent endorsers, Super Junior. Enjoy!

Shinhwa - who doesn't love these funny jokesters? This sticky commercial shows how much these boys crave chicken, and their oh-so-sticky actions make us crave both the chicken and Shinhwa even more!

Video credits: goongpalace

TVXQ - honestly, if you hide all the clips of chicken, TVXQ looks like they're looking at porn...However, we all know that five guys + yummy chicken just can't go wrong!

Video credits: wenjinweb
I would feel honored if I were those chicken legs. I mean, come on! I'm eaten by TVXQ!

Video credits: mickyheechulx3

SNSD - Switching the choreography and the lyrics to their song, "Girl's Generation", SNSD charms up the living room by catching both our ears and eyes!

Video credits: kammy49
Now, grab a bucket of chicken, sit back and enjoy SNSD dancing for chicken!

Video credits: iceyzx

Wonder Girls - Our girls are looking fantastic for their newest commercial!

Video credits: wondersmurf

SS501's Hyunjoong - This member of F4 never lost his shine after the drama ended

Video credits: yyy148

Big Bang's Daesung - Big Bang's clown-face uses humor to attract!

Video credits: wondersmurf

Super Junior - 13 guys + chicken. How can you go wrong?

Video credits: hyukgem

Video credits: christiecml2

Now I'm craving for some chicken! Yumm~!

cr: allkpop

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