No Wonder Girls nor Big Bang in 2009…

We all know about JYP's mission to make the Wonder Girls American debut a blinding success and they are now the opening acts for all but 2 of Jonas Brothers concert tour stops until the end of 2009. That effectively means no Korean albums in 2009 for Korean Wonderfuls. The same goes for Big Bang's VIPs when it was announced recently that there were no plans for a 2009 Korean album as well.

YG Entertainment's CEO, Yang Hyun Suk revealed recently that Big Bang's leader and fashionista, G-Dragon will be releasing his 1st mini-album on 18th August, coincidentally his 21st birthday. This will be followed by Tae Yang whose 2nd mini-album will be out around September - October. Daesung will also be releasing his own mini-album at the end of the year, and it was stressed that it will not be another trot album. The other 2, T.O.P and Seung Ri will be busy with their respective filming commitments.

Big Bang's Gara Gara Go MV

Big Bang are currently still united though but not in Korea, promoting in Japan which started in June and will end in July. Thereafter, the individual Big Bang members will disperse to pursue their own projects. Yang Hyun Suk said, "Many are hoping to see another Big Bang album this year. But because of their Japan promotions and subsequent solo projects thereafter, it's not possible for them to do so. We hope that the fans will understand and continue to show their support for their solo projects."

No Wonder Girls nor Big Bang in 2009. The same goes for MC Mong (maybe), Lee Hyori (maybe) and others which I can't remember. The K-pop scene of 2009 looks so lonely without them. With less than 1/2 of 2009 to go, hopefully someone steps up to the plate.

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