Child Actress, Han Ye Rin In the Heat Again

On July 7th of 2008, Han Ye Rin was caught physically abusing two classmates with the help of seven of her own posse for three hours. Han Ye Rin was only 14 years old, and she is well-known for her minor roles in popular dramas like New Heart, Seven Princesses, and Hello God, as well as roles in various movies. The reason of the physical abuse? Han Ye Rin shortened her school skirt and was afraid of getting caught, so she borrowed the skirt from one of the girls and never returned it. The owner of the skirt told the monitor, and Han Ye Rin and her short-temper garnered her friends and beat the girl up. Now, that was last year's story.

Nearly a year after the first incident, Han Ye Rin's name is all over the news again due to a comment left on her mini-hompi by her "friend". The "friend" wrote an introduction of Han Ye Rin, and what the list contained stirred up quite a commotion.

Here's the copy of the list.

Han Ye Rin's misdeeds

"Name of the person
- Han Ye Rin

My Nicknames for the friend
- Ye Rin-ah. Han Ye Rin, Ya (hey you)

What She Likes
- Money and cigarettes

Does she talk about her problems/worries? If so, what are they about?
- Yes, about Uhm XX (the name is the girl who told on her), her side-job, school problems etc.

Three Secrets about the friend
1. She acts really smart but once you know her, she's really stupid
2. She often dazes off
3. She never takes her lenses off. Even when she runs away from home, she doesn't take them off whether she is sleeping or washing.

What is usually the subject of your conversations?
- Uhm XX, and the principal

Your Friend's Habits
- When she sits, she automatically smokes

Your Friend's Commonly Used Phrase
- Oh Uhm XX that f*cker/bitch"

After this comment was spread throughout the internet and the news, Han Ye Rin shut her mini-hompi down due to malicious comments from netizens (which is totally understandable). The netizens are very upset that this young actress did not learn her lesson. She did not speak publicly about the issue yet.

Remember guys, she is only 15 this year! Smoking? Running away from home? Cussing? You would have thought she learned after the first incident. It seems she will now have to say goodbye to her acting career because no one in the right mind would want to cast this young actress with such a dirty background.

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