Under Their Umbrellas

On a recent poll on bugs music charts, netizens were asked to choose the artist they would most like to share an umbrella with. The results are nowhere near surprising because SNSD's Jessica grabbed the number 1 spot with more than half of the votes. Some netizens even went so far as to state, "They want to give Jessica the umbrella, and get hit by the rain." Now that's love.

Happy Sunday's Lee Seung Ki got some of his own loving from netizens and nabbed the 2nd place position. Dara of 2NE1 rocked 3rd place, showing that even if she is part of a newbie girl group, they're a force to be reckoned with. 4th place was SHINee's maknae Taemin, 5th was taken by 2PM's Chansung, and last but not least was 4Minute rapper supreme Hyuna.

I know a lot of guys and gals wouldn't mind sharing their umbrellas with these stars, but what do you think? Who really should have gotten number 1?

cr: allkpop

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