Lee Junki’s MV for Soliloquize

I thought J Style was the last time Lee Junki would attempt to sing, however, I was wrong because he's back with his second music video for Soliloquize (혼잣말).

The song sounds totally different from J Style, which was an upbeat dance song. This song is mid-tempo, softer sounding, and is much, MUCH less dramatic than J Style, which was just a little too dramatic and intense for my tastes. No Lee Junki dancing in this music video girls, sorry. However, you can concentrate more on his "singing" and focus on his pretty face!

Lee Junki's MV for Soliloquize

Lee Junki's MV for Soliloquize

Video credits: jaeuraznmv1

And also, in case you wanted to see just how dramatic J Style is, enjoy this too!

cr: allkpop

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