St. Day Releases “Balinese”

So who's this St. Day now? Yes.. another debuting artist, this time from Haruwana (하루와나) Productions. St. Day, or Bang Dae Young (방대영), released his first single, Balinese, on July 7th. The single has two tracks: Afraid and 하루처럼 (Like A Day). To no surprise, this fella here is also in the genre of hip-hop. He has not been too exposed to mainstream circles yet, but he has been featured on PK Heman's album back in 2007 and KCM's album in 2008.

There has already been a MV release for Afraid, featuring 'Baby and Me' actress Kim Byul. I'm feeling the song, but I'm def not digging that fishnet and all that eyeliner. His style and hair kinda reminds me of Hwanhee from Fly to the Sky when he was in the drama 'Over The Rainbow.' And some others are saying his voice has a semi-resemblence to Rain. I don't quite know about that... but check him out!

St. Day's Balinese Released

St. Day's Balinese Released

St. Day's Balinese Released

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