F.T Island is Crossin’ & Changin’

F.T Island is making a comeback with their 3rd studio album titled "Cross & Change". The album contains 12 fresh tracks of a seemingly new music style that range all the way from generic passionate ballads to happy-go-lucky pop songs. And not only have they been sharpening up their musical talents, they have decided to give their wardrobe an upgrade as well. While I was sitting here wondering if this retro trend will ever end, F.T Island is bringing back the "jeans jeans" 80's fashion trend along with their upcoming album, whatever that is. They promise to show a different side of themselves through their appearance and their music and hope to please both your eyes and ears.

Cross & Change

Their music is always something I've looked forward to, and when they say "new music style", I hope they mean it. I'm at the point where I feel all their songs are starting to sound the same... And as for this new wardrobe of theirs, I've got to admit, Song Seung Hyun and Lee Hongki are rocking the half-pink pants. Not feelin' that bowl cut on Lee Jae Jin though...

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