A SHINee showdown at 2PM!

Although this video was released a few weeks ago, we are bringing it to you now with English subs, thanks to Madam2PMsubs!

MBC Magazine1 compared two popular gems of K-pop, idol boy groups SHINee and 2PM, who both debuted last year. You can clearly see the differences, and maybe even some similarities, between the two groups in this comparison video below.

The video gets a bit more interesting near the end, as the Vogue Girl's editor shares that the boys of SHINee always show their polite side, while the boys of 2PM fool around a lot and enjoy themselves. While the 2PM boys could be a bit more professional, these uptight SHINee boys need learn to let loose once in a while.. honestly, after watching them, I have a sudden urge to go streak and run with the wild...

Hmm.. so basically the poll is between the feminine SHINee and the masculine 2PM. Take your pick

cr: allkpop

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