SNSD’s Colossal Music Bank Victory

While most K-pop followers expected SNSD to emerge victorious on the KBS Music Bank K-Charts for their single "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)", few expected a margin of victory of this magnitude. Accumulating 17,995 points, the SM nonagon early doubled the 9,651 points of the second place finisher, Korean music legend Seo Taiji. 17,995? That's insane! The highest number people can remember is DBSK's 16,404 points for "Mirotic", but because the Music Bank point system has evolved countless times throughout the years, it's pointless to compare the two (even though telling commenters to refrain from comparing is like asking Xiah Junsu to refrain from being awesome).

prot0980 has been so kind as to upload both the victory/encore:

With sensually militaristic blue outfits and a typically tight performance, the So Nyuhs granted S♥NE wishes with a good show for their eleventh Music Bank victory of the year. The victory speech and encore contained few tears; winning just isn't as emotional the eleventh time around, I suppose. There were the usual highlights though, from the camera panning away just as Taeyeon and Tiffany were about to hug (party pooper), to the traditional chucking-of-the-bouquet-into-the-crowd from Yuri, though from her reaction, it seems she hit an unsuspecting spectator. Come on Yuri, did your baseball experiences teach you nothing? SHINee's diva Key also can't seem to tear himself away from the girls - perhaps his participation in Boys Generation was simply an indicator of his desire to become the tenth So Nyuh. Hm... maybe next life, Key.

Coming up on next week's edition of KBS Music Bank... SNSD vs. 2NE1. 2NE1 vs. SNSD. SM Nonagon vs. YG Square. I don't care who wins, as long as either group asks me to tell them my wish.

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