Wonder Girls to make an appearance on The Wendy Williams show

The Wonder Girls will make an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show on Monday July 20th. There isn't any confirmation on this but many people have sent in tips that they saw the Wonder Girls on commercials and also Wendy Williams herself talking about The Wonder Girls on today's (July 17th) episode. According to the tips, she said something to the effect of "Wait till you hear them." From my understanding, I believe they'll have a performance but I don't know if they'll be doing an interview session.

The Wendy Williams Show first had a trial run on local Fox TV Stations in the New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Detroit markets. The show has been recently picked up by BET and can now be seen in more than 95% of the households in the United States. This is wonderful for the Wonder Girls, it's good to see them on mainstream TV. Thanks to all of you who sent in tips.

Update with Link See Monday on Wendy: “Late Night” host, Jimmy Fallon, plus “Wonder Girls” perform

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