One Two’s Starry Night Featuring Park Ga Hee

If the mid-aged group, One Two, came out with a new song or music video, I would not be so interested. But why am I so excited right now? Because After School's representative hottie, Park Ga Hee is featured in the music video! Damn, this girl is hot! Who cares about the music when you can just stare in awe at her sizzling hotness! No, I'm just kidding, because I honestly love One Two's music and style. This song, Starry Night, definitely has a Big Bang / club feeling to it, and my ears are loving it! Hopefully the power of Park Ga Hee's hotness will add on to One Two's fame.

Good music + hot cars + hot girls + hot girls with afros + PARK GA HEE = how can you go wrong?

If you want to skip to the entrance of Gahee, go to 2:34

Also, they just had their comeback stage yesterday, so enjoy!

ideo credits: jaeuraznmv1

cr: allkpop

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