Park Eun Young has a crush on 2PM’s Nichkhun

On the July 17th episode of KBS 2TV 여유만만, announcer Park Eun Young announced to the world that she has a crush on barely legal 2PM member Nichkhun and wouldn't hesitate to accept if Nichkhun asked to be his girlfriend.

Park Eun Young, who was appointed MC for KBS Music Bank earlier this year, confessed that "if Nichkhun asked her to date him, I would immediately accept." Another announcer, Jeon Hyun Moo poked some fun and added, "If Nichkhun asked announcer Park Eun Young to marry him, she'd probably say yes right away."

Park Eun Young

Park Eun Young continued, "Even though Nichkhun is young, during Music Bank, the way he dances and sings is so sexy."

When asked on what she feels about age range in dating, Park Eun Young stated, "My parents are 9 years apart, so I think up to 7 years is possible."

I've never understood the whole concept of publicly announcing your love for another celebrity. Not only does it sound like a desperate love call, it's practically asking for a one night stand! But if that's Park Eun Young she was aiming for, she might get lucky, as Nichkhun has expressed, more than once, his interest for older women.

cr: allkpop

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