Battle goes on hiatus

Battle member, Lio has enlisted in the army today, without much fanfare, following in the footsteps of fellow group member, Hwi Chan who enlisted on 2nd June.

Lio reported for the 306 reserve army unit in Euijeongbu today and will receive a few weeks of basic military training before commencing on his mandatory national service.

Many were curious as to why Hwi Chan and Lio enlisted for the army so quickly despite their young age, which was unusual for being part of a male idol group. With regards to this, Good Entertainment expressed, "We feel that it's better to get this mandatory national service over and done with first for them." The other 3 members are also going their separate ways. Ryu will be going into the acting field, Taehwa will release a solo album while Chris is back in New York, studying music. Good Entertainment has also reiterated that Battle are not disbanding, just on a temporary hiatus.


Battle made their debut in 2006 through Mnet's reality show, Let's Coke Play! Battle Shinhwa! and was hailed as the 2nd Shinhwa, having been picked individually by Shinhwa themselves. But they struggled to make any sort of impact in Korea and the 6 member group was left with five after Ki Hyun left in 2008 to pursue an acting career. Step by Step released in June 2008 will be Battle's last song release in a long while.

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