Shinee’s Onew is a coward and Taemin is in danger of being raped?

In a recent interview, a very interesting question was posed. Is Shinee's Onew a coward? The question was mostly based on the KBS light stand incident, in which Onew fainted when the fixture suddenly fell off the wall. Well, Onew's answer is simply... no. Just no, and a smart looking man wearing glasses even confirmed Onew's answer.

Perhaps what's even more interesting is that a second smart looking man commented on Taemin's feminine features. Taemin is apparently prettier than a girl, and to prove it they showed pedestrians a picture of Taemin dressed as a girl along with 5 other girls, and asked the passerby which one is the prettiest. A man unfortunately picked Taemin as the prettiest without knowing he just picked a guy.

What we've learned from this interview is that Onew is not a coward, and that Taemin is in danger of being raped by noonas AND hyungs. I guess being beautiful isn't always easy.

cr: allkpop

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