Seo In Young Competes in a Shopping Challenge

A shopping contest? Wait...what? No, you read it right, I said shopping contest. Seo In Young was part of the June 30th shopping event in Thailand, called "Shopping Challenge". Basically, the challenge was to shop for three hours and thirty minutes around six out of nine famous shopping malls. Using 30,000 Thai baht, the goal was to buy the greatest variety of products. Now, who would be better at shopping than Seo In Young?

Actually, the challenge was quite difficult for Seo In Young because, although she loves shopping, she hates exercising and this challenge required tremendous amount walking. However, she was accompanied by her "friend" from her variety show called "Seo In Young's Shinsang Friend" who encouraged her throughout the challenge.

Oh come on. She should not be complaining about this. We would all die for the opportunity to compete by shopping!!

cr: allkpop

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