SS501 Mobbed at the HK Airport

The boys of SS501 were mobbed by overzealous fans on their recent visit to Hong Kong as they tried to exit out of the airport. Deafening high pitched screams of fan girls filled the hallway as security guards attempted to push back the crowd without bleeding from their ears. The boys of SS501 stood back, waited and watched, seemingly a little overwhelmed by the situation. It was so chaotic that if it wasn't for the SS501 fan signs, I would've thought that I was watching a fight instead.

WARNING: watching more than 1 minute of this video may cause permanent hearing loss.


Alas, they broke free from the boy-hungry mob, and immediately hauled ass out of there. Boy did they haul haul ass. The boys ran as if Godzilla himself was chasing them.

Credits: hkucc

Overall, it doesn't seem like anyone was hurt, and SS501 seemed happy throughout. In fact, they might have even liked it. I guess they're more popular in Hong Kong than they thought.

cr: allkpop

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