Who Did KARA’s Nicole Leave Flustered?

Who Did KARA's Nicole Leave Flustered?

Nicole apparently left Smith (Jung Seung Hyun), who is now part of the group Gary Gold Smith, flustered after a backstage meeting.

The story goes like this, in 2007 Smith was part of the group Monster, and while backstage, one of Monster's members offered to introduce KARA to him. Apparently when Smith walked into to the waiting room Nicole said 'Ajhussi, you look pretty!'. Smith who at the time was still only 19 got quite a shock as Nicole is only 4 years younger than him.

Smith's remarks

"It was the first time I ever heard that, but it wasn't really a bad feeling. Because I'm pretty. (Laughter) After that incident, whenever I see Nicole on TV, I see her originally innocent and honest nature. And also because of that incident, I feel a certain closeness, familiarity with her."

Credit : coffeebeanie@KARAholic

After 2 years, it seems like Smith is still reminiscing about this encounter. I smell a crush, don't you?

cr: allkpop

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