Little Kang Dong Won is a girl

Reaction to the first time I saw the picture was 'Wow, he really does look like a young Kang Dong Won'. Reaction to after I found out that it was girl was 'What. The. Fuck.' When Lee Tae Kyun appeared on the show 'Good Looking Era-Flower Boys Flower Girls Certification Show', she had the typical 'flower boy' look with short hair, and a sweet voice that fit perfectly with the teenage boy image. Famous for looking like good-looking actor Kang Dong Won she drew a lot of attention, but a lot of people also noticed that she had a really small face and feminine features which hinted at the fact that she was a girl.

On the show's notice board, many viewers left comments such as "I was really happy that Tae Kyun Oppa came onto the show!" or "I can't tell if Tae Kyun is a girl or a boy". Female high school student Tae Kyun said "Even when I tell people that I'm a girl there are times when people don't believe me. By coming onto this show, I wanted to tell everyone that I was actually female." What a little heart breaker, what are you going to do about all the girls that had crushes on you? Oh wait, I know, you can send them my way. I'll comfort them long into the night wink


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