2NE1’s 2nd “I Don’t Care” Performance

Well, a couple of days ago we said that 2NE1 would be performing once a week, but it seems we were wrong, as 2NE1 performed "I Don't Care" on this week's edition of SBS Inkigayo. Whoops.

The girls also did the customary Inkigayo comeback interview:

Kudos to CodeMonmonSeason3 for both videos

There were some considerable changes from the first performance, from the cute little intro scene to the rainbow stage. Since I don't take it upon myself to research every schedule of every idol group's affairs, I don't know when or where the YG square will be performing "I Don't Care", but whenever it's on air, you can be sure allkpop will be here to report it with flair.

cr: allkpop

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