V.O.S Leader Park Jihun is a Father And Husband!

“I want to confidently reveal that I have a four year old child and a wife.”

Talented vocal group V.O.S, Voice of Soul’s, leader, Park Jihun, recently revealed that he is the father of a four year old child and has a wife whom he has loved for the past 17 years. On the 9th, Park Jihun revealed to the press the reason why he couldn’t reveal the truth and talked about the love story with his wife, Seo Myungsun, and about himself being a father.

Park Jihun met his wife during the third year of middle school and started off as pen pals. Their parents did oppose of them once but after receiving the blessing of both families, the two had a normal plan to get married but because of Park Jihun’s debut to be a singer, the wedding had to be postponed.

During October of 2005, after finding out about his wife’s pregnancy, the elders wished for the family to stay together and got them a single room home in Hapjungdong, Seoul. Park Jihun’s mother who lived in Daejun didn’t wish for this event to affect his career so she came to live with the family and took care of the wife.

During June of 2006, the family welcomed a new born son into the family and named his son Bitchan, holding the meaning of “Shine Brilliantly.” But during this time, Park Jihun was busy doing activities and afraid that his company and V.O.S might become a target, therefore he had to hide the truth.

Because of her husband’s busy schedule, Seo Myungsun had to be an unwedded mother. Other than having to sign a marriage registration, the two had to sign son Bitchan’s birth report before passing Myungsun’s entry into the family. The child who recently turned four started attending a playschool since June. At the school there was an event where parents were to attend but because Myungsun was labeled an unmarried mother, he could not participate at the event.

I couldn’t easily confess the truth due to my career as a singer and the fact someone could target my company and group. But as Bitchan’s father, I wanted to be supporting husband. I met a new company who warmly embraced me when I revealed my story. They blessed my scared heart and gave me confidence. That is the reason why I am strongly revealing the truth.”

I want to reveal the truth to Bitchan’s friends that he indeed does have a father and I want to dress the woman who has waited for me for so long in a wedding dress so I could stop sinning.”

Wow, I would like to give a late congratulation to Park Jihun for his son and I can’t help but to respect him even more for revealing such a huge truth and for having such a great heart as a husband and father.

Well this heart-warming news aside, Park Jihun is planning on holding his wedding towards the end of the year and in August, he will be welcoming in his second child. So congratulations to Park Jihun and be happy!

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