Tiger JK and Jordan’s Father and Son Moment

KYAA! I thought Sean's baby was cute, but Tiger JK's and Yoon Mirae (T or Tasha)'s baby's cuteness is on a totally different level! The pictures of the father, Tiger JK and his son, Jordan together were featured on Drunken Tiger's most recent album, and oh boy! So cute!! Tiger JK, who usually has a "I'm-gangster-and-you-know-it" face on is actually smiling in these pictures, and chubby little Jordan is following exactly what his daddy's doing! I'm dying here of cuteness overload guys.

Also, Jordan's cry when he was just born was recorded and featured on one of the tracks in his album!

On a side note, the ultimate hip-hop family, Yoon Mirae and Tiger JK will be peforming a duet on July 4th!

In the first picture, both Tiger JK and Jordan are showing their "tough" side, but in the second one, you can witness the happiest father-son moment! Everybody, together now, "AWWW!!"

Tiger JK and Jordan's Father and Son Moment

P.S - doesn't Jordan look exactly like Yoon Mirae in the second picture?

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