SNSD Controversies: Not Fighting, No Plagiarism

Another day, another SNSD controversy. Only this time, netizens have presented us with a double dose of issues relating to SM's female nonagon. And, just like the Yoona-Tiffany-underoo hullabaloo, initial tabloid-fodder has given way to reasonable explanations.

First, we have the Jessica-Seohyun Music Core incident. While performing "Etude" on MBC Music Core on June 27th, Jessica appeared to blow up at Seohyun for getting in her way, shoving Seohyun while spewing out "juh gee rah, ss**** (go away, f*****!).

Netizens pounced on the apparent discord within the So Nyuhs, but the whole thing was just a prank. Koreans have this common birthday prank in which they act like megajerks towards the birthday boy/girl, only to unveil a surprise party and laugh off all of the pretend hate. As Seohyun's birthday was on June 28th, Jessica was simply enacting that fake hate. Considering how much netizens overreact to these kinds of things, however, it probably wasn't the best idea to publicly carry out that prank during a live performance.

The second controversy is over ownership of SNSD's new single, "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)". Netizens dug up a song by Uzbekistani pop singer Dineyra released a few months ago that sounds very similar to SNSD's song.

Due to SM Entertainment's past remake issues, many people were quick to assume that the company had simply bought another already-released song. But, news reports are stating that the song is supposed to be SM's and SM's only. They officially purchased the music from Universal Music Publishing Group on February 1st, 2009, with the song's lyrics and K-pop-ification done by SM-hired Yoo Young Jin and Yoo Han Jin. Universal Music Publishing Group has stated that they believe their song's demo tape was leaked, and is considering legal action against the producers of Dineyra's song.

But regardless of what happens between UMPG and the Uzibekistani entertainment world, the important thing for us K-pop fans is that SM and SNSD are free of any guilt on this particular issue, and that we can listen to "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)" without any controversies lingering in the back of our minds.

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