Tiffany’s Under Wear Issue: Case Pinned

Recently, it was reported that fans have been making a huge ruckus saying Tiffany of SNSD / Girls’ Generation did not wear any under garments during the girls’ performance of Etude on Music Core after Yoona was seen lifting up Tiffany’s dress. This incident thus became one of the top searched topics on Korean portal sites.

Earlier today on Tae Yeon’s Chin Chin Radio, all nine members were on the show’s live broadcast as guests. During a session of "Who Are You?", where fans text in questions they want to ask their favorite stars, one fan asked, "Yoona, Tiffany. What happened with the dress issue?", which made the girls laugh as they replied, “We really wanted to talk about this."

So the story happens that in order for their dresses not to fly up while dancing, the dresses are pinned down with clothespins. On Music Core, Tiffany and Yuri host as MCs and being busy changing outfits, Tiffany forgot to pin down her dress. Shocked, Tiffany gasped saying, "I didn’t pin it down" and all YoonA did was pull up the dress to make sure it would be okay.

Tiffany went on to explain that Yoona asked Tiffany, "You didnt pin it?", but the fans in the audience apparently heard the conversation and heard Yoona’s words as, "You didn’t wear it?", leading to the whole ‘Tiffany didn’t wear underwear’ situation. Adding on to that, Tiffany stated, "No matter how busy I am, I don’t forget to wear my underwear," and brought laughter to the table.

Don't forget to turn on the subs!

Case closed! So, looks like the girls showed their antis wrong, huh?

cr: allkpop

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