Jo Kwon and Seulong’s “Mnet Scandal” Ep 1 Released!

The first episode of Jo Kwon and Seulong's "Mnet Scandal" dates, that fan girls have caused such a commotion over, has been released. Unfortunately there aren't subs out yet, but fan girls will need to restock on their tissue boxes anyway, as it's obvious that both couples hit it off quite well!

Part One
In the beginning of the episode, Jo Kwon and Seulong go into the cafe disguised as cameramen and eavesdrop on the girls' conversations before they appear in front of the lucky girls. Watch their love story unfold below! And to the fellow "I Ams", prepare to cry your hearts out while watching this episode. Although I was a bit disappointed that the show seems to target One Day members, I'm just grateful that 2PM's Wooyoung and 2AM's Changmin haven't been hit by the Mnet bullet...yet.

Part Two
Jo Kwon was doing just fine until his true side comes out around 5:20. Jo Kwon, I know you're eager to milk that cow, but you gotta fight those hormones off! As for Seulong, to be honest, I thought his chick looked like my ass at first, but the more I see her, the prettier she gets! These two are especially cute together - Seulong seems to be one smooth talker! Either he watches a lot of Korean dramas or he's experienced. Playa playa!

Part Three
Jo Kwon and his girl are adorable together. Being the gentleman he is, Jo Kwon offers to walk her home after their sweet meet. With all the crazy fan girls and even some crazy fan boys these days, I wouldn't be surprised if fans went to stalk the poor girl at her house. Anyways, I give Jo Kwon's Mnet hoe props for sticking around even after Jo Kwon busts out some "Gee" moves at 6:13. If I were her, I would've bounced right after that embarrassingly atrocious armpit sniffin' move.

Part Four
At the end of the video, 2AM member Jinwoon comments that he's happy to see his hyungs getting along with their dates while MC Mong Changmin, on the other hand, comments that he is very jealous and that his heart hurts. He even shouts out, "Ah I want to date too!". Aw my poor Changmin. Psst! I'm willing to cheat on Wooyoung if you're willing not to tell him!

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