Super Junior Does Chicken

What is up with all the celebrities doing chicken CFs at the moment? First it was Daesung, Kim Hyun Joong, and The Wonder Girls, now its Super Junior turn with their CF for Kyochon Chicken.

I have absolutely no idea of how the designers of this CF expect it to sell chicken. Sure it's nice to have a star promoting your product, but it helps if you also show your product for more then 2 seconds of a 15 second long CF. On top of that, this CF is having an identity crisis. First off, it shows a TV, is this a TV ad? Nope, but then it moves on to the boys holding phones, now a phone ad? No again! Finally a quick glimpse of the chicken before refocusing on the boys.

Overall, the only redeeming feature of the CF is that it has Super Junior and that isn't a bad thing.

cr: allkpop

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