Kang Min Kyung wants Lee Hyun

Okay, so maybe not Lee Hyun exactly, but Kang Min Kyung did mention "I wish my boyfriend was like 8eight's Lee Hyun.

She appeared on KBS 'Star Golden Bell' and revealed that she was pleasantly surprised when she saw pictures of his abs. Lee Hyun recently showed off his abs for an issue of Men's Health that definitely got people talking, including Kang Min Kyung. Unfortunately for her, Kim Jae Dong noticed her apparent interest and asked "What do you think now that you've seen Lee Hyun's pictures?" to which Kang Min Kyung replied "Honestly, I thought that my boyfriend needs to be someone like Lee Hyun."

Awww, how cute. Another celebrity couple sighting in the works? It seems like celebrities these days are much more open about who they're dating. They're also getting faster at tying the knot it seems raspberry



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