Super Junior + Soshi aka Sushi Covers Songs On Music Travel

Well have I got a packed treat for you guys!

Idol Groups SNSD / Girls’ Generation and Super Junior or Sushi (Super Junior and Soshi) have taken on the challenge of singing various covers of songs on MBC's Music Travel (LaLaLa). Girls’ Generation members Sunny, Seohyun, Taeyeon, Tiffany and Jessica, covered songs with Sungmin of Super Junior with music from "Beautiful Girl" by Kim Ah Joong, “Honey Honey” by ABBA, "Wonderful Place" by Kim Jong Seo and “Sorry Sorry” by Super Junior. On the other hand, Super Junior covered SNSD’s popular “Gee”.

Also, Kyuhyun and Donghae of Super Junior and Taeyeon and Jessica of SNSD sang "Way Into Love" together and it was beautiful. And don't kill me for saying this but, eeeeeeek HaeSica! And another duet was done by Sungmin of Super Junior and Sunny of SNSD, ex DJ Buddies.

Tiffany of SNSD sang a short solo of "Hero" and I personally really liked it.

I’ve got to say, my love for SNSD grew even more listening to their “Sorry Sorry” cover and I can’t help but to be biased about Seohyun’s great vocals because she’s my favorite. And Super Junior's "Gee" cover was superb, I loved how soft it was.

Now for those who say SNSD or Super Junior is talentless, come say it to my face!

Anyways, check out the awesome covers below!

“Beautiful Girl” with Sungmin and “Honey Honey”

"Wonderful Place"

“Sorry Sorry”


"Way Back Into Love"


"Falling Slowly"

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