SNSD pays homage to SES

The mid-season Music Bank extravaganza had a lot of current KPOP artists paying tribute to the old schoolers. 2PM paid tribute to JYP Entertainment sunbae G.O.D., SHINee for SM Entertainment sunbae H.O.T., KARA for DSP Entertainment sunbae Fin.K.L., and now Girls' Generation / SNSD paying tribute to the original girl group and their SM Entertainment sunbae's S.E.S.

Most people were excited about their comeback performance, and rightfully so, but this was a great tribute in it's own right. Three of the girls Seohyun, Tiffany, and Jessica came out dressed in very cute outfits and performed "Oh My Love," I think they did the originals justice. The kid actor Kidong came out and gave roses to the girls at the end. Thanks to victor for the tip, check out the performance below:

cr: allkpop

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