Hyori’s Ultra Short Hot Pants

A giant poster of Lee Hyori has invoked a heated discussion over her apparently overly sexy look. The giant poster was of Lee Hyori advertising Vivaldi Park Ocean World, which officially made its way onto the walls of the Korean subway system on the 24th. Lee Hyori looked really sexy as usual in her summer outfit and totally stopped everyone in their tracks once they saw it. And their reactions were largely centered around the ultra short hot pants that Lee Hyori was wearing.

The now you see it, now you don't of Hyori's cleavage already left us salivating, but her 20cm hot pants really made breathing difficult. This was made worse by her hands tugging a little at the top of her hot pants, as it looks like she is teasing about taking it off. It's not just guys who are mesmerized, even girls find it difficult to look elsewhere.

Lee Hyori's 20cm Hot Pants

Many people who had viewed the posters expressed that placing such a revealing poster in the subway isn't that good of an influence as it might create human traffic jams. But there were others who expressed that Lee Hyori was definitely the female sexy icon of Korea and only she can pull off this concept so well. It's believed that Lee Hyori will start a wave of hot pants mania this summer. Fans also nicknamed Hyori as "Hot Pants Queen", "Supreme of Hot Pants world", etc to show their support for their idol.

Lee Hyori's 20cm Hot PantsLee Hyori's 20cm Hot Pants

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