Chung Lim vs. AJ vs. Taegoon Rookie Dance Battle

Another special stage on this week’s Music Bank was the Rookie Dance Battle between the rising stars Chung Lim, AJ, and Taegoon.

The battle started out with each rookie performing a short solo dance with Chung Lim going first, followed by AJ, and then Taegoon. The dance battle ended with all three rookies dancing together. Check it out.

Honestly, none of them wowed me with their dancing skills. Chung Lim’s solo dance, if you can call it that, looked lazy and uninspired. AJ’s solo dance was alright but I think he could’ve been a little more creative. If I had to choose a winner I would say it was Taegoon. I think his solo dance was the best, but not by a wide margin. From my perspective, it was a close battle between AJ and Taegoon but the acrobatic move that Taegoon did at the end of his solo dance won him the first place spot in my book. Although like I said before they all seemed to be lacking, some more so than others, but what do I know. Truthfully, I’ve got two left feet…actually three left feet if you want to count my third leg. That’s right ladies, I can’t dance but I make up for it with my tripod like action I got going on. True story.


cr: allkpop

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