Kim Jung Hoon in the Army or in “Cafe Seoul”?

Just prior to enlisting in the army, former UN member and Princess Hours star Kim Jung Hoon had wrapped up the filming for "Café Seoul" (카페 서울). This movie is another Korean-Japanese production directed by Take Masaharu who also filmed Boy Meets Pusan in 2007. The movie leads a story about three brothers who lost their parents in a car accident and lived their own separate lives thereafter. They own an old bakery which is threatened to close down, soon where they discover old memories full of love. Kim Jung Hoon plays a role as one of the brothers along with Kim Dong Wook who starred in Coffee Prince, and Choi Sung Min who starred in Big Sister, Saving My Wife.

Kim Jung Hoon had bad experiences while filming past movies in which he mentioned that he got hurt while filming the scenes dealing with gangsters - thus why he chose to take part in Café Seoul. It was a refreshing character for him, where he got to be comical and funny.

The movie will be released in Japan on July 18th and then later screened at the Pusan International Film Festival this year. Kim Jung Hoon will be serving in the military for the next two years but for now, enjoy him in Café Seoul.

Here's the trailer kindly English subbed:

and just a couple of pictures:

Kim Jung Hoon in the Army or Cafe Seoul?

Kim Jung Hoon in the Army or Cafe Seoul?

Kim Jung Hoon in the Army or Cafe Seoul?

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